The Yambo Bikes Story
So one evening Crusty Demons of Dirt freestyle motocross rider Luke Smith and the Legend Johnny Danger, was drinking a few bottles of mothers milk A.K.A Dangers Larger.
They got their thinking caps on and decided to make the Lamborgini of pitbikes, a Yamborgini if you will.
Then Yambo bikes was born and they set out together to change the pitbike game.
Johnny passed away whilst on a Anzac day motorcycle ride a week out from the bikes being released.
He loved motorcycles and was really excitied to be bringing out their own pitbike range. 
So Luke and Johnnys younger brother Wayne have joined forces to keep the dream they had together alive and take Yambo Bikes International.
With Lukes background in freestyle Motocross, and being a professional for the last 12 years for the Crusty Demons and Nitro Circus,where he performed at shows and events all over the world.
He also rode pitbikes and developed them for various brands over the years and has a great knowledge of what perfoms well, and believe the bike him and Johnny made is hands down one of the best pitbikes on the market.